New Pioneer Homes   (Single-Family, Villa, or Townhome)

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As Florida’s high-velocity wind zone continues to move further inland, Pioneer has been proactive by installing impact-resistant windows and doors in all of our new home construction. As opposed to the minimum building code alternative requiring the homeowner to store and install plywood, panels or shutters, Pioneer gives 24-hour hurricane protection without the hassle. 

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Say you’re out shopping for your new home and BAM you find the home of your dreams. Do NOT run straight to your broker and apply without taking these important things into consideration first. 

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Pioneer homes has proven to be part of the upward trend happening in ;the housing market. This year Pioneer ;Homes has built 7 new homes and spring has just begun! 

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Buying is more affordable than renting in 98 out of the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas -- even in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, according to real estate company Trulia's rent vs. buy index. 

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Florida is pretty amazing. People by the millions come to Florida on spring break from around the world for a slice of sunshine. There are lots of sights and activities that deserve your attention. If you have never been to Florida imagine all the places you haven't seen yet. Below are just a few places and events that make Florida the eclectic place it is. There is so much to do for visitors and residents! 

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Builders often refer to the exterior of a home as the "envelope" or the "shell." Sealing the envelope or shell against air infiltration (air leaking into the house from outside) and air exfiltration (air leaking from inside the house to the outside) helps reduce your energy expenditure for space heating and cooling. Besides, no one likes to live in a drafty house. 

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The numbers have proven a continuing increase in the building and sales of homes in the United States. Also, the supply of homes on the market has plunged to 2.3 million, the lowest level the US has seen in 6 years. Fewer homes on the market could help bolster prices over time, another reason for buyers who are in the market for a home to act now. 

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Pioneer Homes has reduced the price on this weeks featured home to only $119,900. This is a newly built, never before lived in, three bedroom, two bath home. 

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The U.S. housing market will begin to mount a turnaround this year, building toward a solid recovery in 2013, according to a forecast issued Wednesday by the chief economist of a homebuilding industry trade group. 

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